Slow, but steady…

I’m making progress on Like a Cloud. I’m currently working on the main body ribbing — I probably have about 1.5 or 2 inches completed so far. Since I’ve been back to work, progress has been slow. Some days — many days — I don’t knit at all, and other days I might only get […]

The Dog Days of Summer

I’m just coming off of a little unintentional knitting hiatus. To begin with, my Lomond went head-to-head with the cat, and unsurprisingly, ended up on the losing end of the battle. Fortunately, I wasn’t very far along in the pattern, but what I had knitted was a total loss. I salvaged what I could of […]

Off the needles…

My Flow top is finished. I think it turned out pretty well. I am glad I added to the length or it would definitely have been too short for my tastes. I made the straps two stitches wider than the pattern called for as well, and I think that was a good choice. I’ve started […]

Going with the Flow

After some consideration, I decided to stick with my original plan and knit Flow. It’s a Berroco pattern by Norah Gaughan. It is a swingy, A-line, summer top that will be perfect for this yarn. The pattern is simple — all stockinette. I seem to be drawn to simple patterns right now. Amid all the […]

Mitts and Musings

I finished my fourth mitt last night. I love how these turned out. I love the extra long cuff. I love that the stripe patterns don’t match perfectly. I love the riot of color. Knitting these mitts was the perfect antidote to dreary quarantine life. I haven’t decided yet whether I will keep these for […]

Two down, two to go

I’ve finished two of my mitts and am working on a third. This one will have a stripe pattern that closely resembles the mitt on the left. I’ll try to replicate the purple/pink pattern for the last mitt. That way, I can wear them matchy-matchy or crazy-colors. Or, maybe I’ll keep one pair and gift […]

Colorful Spring

I’m making progress on my mitts. I changed my mind and decided to go with a published pattern. I’m knitting Customizable Fingerless Gloves. I’ve finished the first glove and am about half-way through the second one. According to my scale, it only took 17g of yarn for one glove, so that means I should have […]

First FO of Quarantine

Derecho is off the needles and ends are woven in. It still needs to be blocked, but I’m counting it as finished. For some reason, I didn’t enjoy doing the bottom hem short-row shaping. I think I was just feeling done at that point, but I’m happy with how it turned out. The timing couldn’t […]

A little retail therapy

These endless days of same, same, same are starting to wear on me a bit. I am grateful that I am able to get outside most days for a run and am staying connected with friends, students and colleagues through apps like Zoom and Marco Polo. I have my knitting, and board games, and Netflix […]


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