Going with the Flow


After some consideration, I decided to stick with my original plan and knit Flow. It’s a Berroco pattern by Norah Gaughan. It is a swingy, A-line, summer top that will be perfect for this yarn. The pattern is simple — all stockinette. I seem to be drawn to simple patterns right now. Amid all the chaos in the world, I am craving calming, mindless, Zen knitting.

The top is knit in two identical pieces which are seamed together. I thought about changing the pattern to knit the top the round, but decided against it for two reasons. One, I think seams will add needed stability given the relatively loose gauge. And two, I appreciate seams as a great place to hide woven in ends.

What else have I been up to? Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve been keeping up with my yoga practice. I’m trying to practice yoga every other day, at least. So, in the morning I either go for a run or workout on the stair-stepper and then on alternating days, I do a class from DoYogaWithMe. Man do I lack upper body strength, (chaturanga dandasana is a killer!) but I am improving. The real challenge will be seeing if I can keep it up once school starts again. I’ve done this the past two summers, but once I’m back to work the yoga practice falls by the wayside. There is never enough time in the day, and am so tired after work! The same thing tends to happen with my knitting — all my hobbies really. It’s hard to maintain work-life balance. I need to be intentional about making that more of a priority.

S is making (homemade!) chicken noodle soup for dinner. Yummy comfort food is much appreciated. He likes to cook, which is great, because I don’t. If it was up to me, we’d probably eat way to much bagged salad, tuna fish and PB&J. When it comes to food prep…I am L A Z Y. Fortunately, S is here to save us all from my culinary atrocities.

After dinner, S and I will probably take the dogs on a long walk and then sit out on the patio with a glass of wine. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!